Tuesday, May 12, 2009

At the farm--whoa horsy!

Would you look at Ann, working the horse.  She isn't actually using the whip on it, but just exercising it.  The horse, a gypsy vanner (that's the kind of horse it is) runs around in a circle for exercise. It's called lunging.  
And what about me you may ask.  I brought this really nice stick for Ann to throw for me, so she gets arm exercise, but the horse came running at me, so I bolted.  Scary, I tell you.  
Ann is having a great time here, but I must admit, I am too.
Off to the Silver Birch Award celebrations at Uxbridge today, with a pizza lunch.  Then Ann and I will read to the kids at the school in Uxbridge.
Cheers from your favorite dog, Shira.  More later if I don't get too busy playing with the dogs here, or watching the horses--from a distance!