Thursday, May 14, 2009

At Whitby at the Silver Birch Award Celebrations.

Yes!  We went to Whitby and I was allowed to come into the arena for the celebrations.  (Usually dogs are not allowed, so now I know for sure that I am special.)  Here are some pictures of what I saw.  The kids were all so excited, they were screaming.  Loud music was playing.  And there was food.   
Then the winning books were announced.  And guess what-- BRAVE DEEDS won at Whitby!  Yahoo,  Ann was so excited.  She got a bag with goodies and I got a little bag with biscuits.  I hope I get to eat them soon because I was on the table looking pretty and behaving myself for two and a half hours. And that's a long time to be good.
Here are some pictures of Ann's book flying off the book table.  There was a huge stack to begin with.  Lots of kids bought them
and got autographs.  
And a wonderful drawing of BRAVE DEEDS by one of the students.