Monday, May 11, 2009

Shira here, your most favorite dog.  
I may as well blog because Ann is no longer paying any attention to me.  We are at the Larsens' farm at Port Perry.  And not only do they have a parrot, three horses and a donkey, they have a golden retriever who has puppies that are one day old.  Guess where Ann is. Does she care that I can't go in with her to see the puppies?  No!  Does she know that I can hear the puppies peeping nonstop and that I want to visit with them?  I doubt it.
At least I had a nice visit at the Sir John A. MacDonald Public School this afternoon.  The students were great and some of them came over after to pet me.  They always love it when Ann reads a chapter from "Summer of Changes," all about me.  And they welcomed me officially, as you can see. 

I wish I had puppies too.  I wish Ann had horses and chickens, like the Larsens' do.  There's a retired RCMP horse at the farm.  He's BIG!  

Here are some pictures of the wormy little creatures.