Friday, October 28, 2011

Hi There, Happy Halloween.  When I went to a party my friend Liba dressed up as a wolf.  You think that was scary?  Ha, look at these other pictures!

They are of real wolves in the East Kootenays.  I visited the Wolf Sanctuary by Invermere, B.C.  Shira was not allowed in, of course.  But when she gave a protesting bark, the wolves set up a chorus of howls.  
When they stopped howling they looked friendly behind the fence, 
but I wouldn't want to stick my hand through the wire to pet them.  
I learned that wolves are not nearly as dangerous to people as we believe.  They leave people alone unless threatened.  

The people who work at the Sanctuary sometimes take the wolves out to an isolated area so they can romp and run.  Then they come right back to the people and go back to the sanctuary.  Of course these wolves are not as wild as the once that live out in the mountains of the Kootenays.  These were saved for one reason or another.  There are six wolves at the sanctuary.  Some are part wolf, part dog.