Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

               Hi All,

Here's something that really happened to me and Shira.

My old dog and I went for a walk on an old logging road when suddenly from the bush came a burst of noise. My deaf dog went merrily on with her doggie twitter and tweets while I, startled, stopped. My heart skipped a beat because we've had a mother bear with two cubs in the neighbourhood. (This is a picture of the cubs in a tree at my place.) 

Squawking, a wild turkey emerged. I had earlier seen baby turkeys fluttering along the road. Droppings made it clear that I was in poultry country.  
Being no spring chicken myself, I tentatively took a few steps back. But in the mother turkey's eyes, I was not moving away fast enough.  
My dog looked up, startled. At the same time she and I decided to turn and make a run for it. The turkey came after us and it's surprising how fast we could run when a beak 
was at our heels.
But watch out, my feathered friend. Thanksgiving is coming around again!

Here's a picture of the wild mother turkey on my lawn.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone. 
I will be travelling through Revelstoke, , Banff, Radium and Cranbrook and visiting some students. 
So, see some of you soon.

Ann and Shira.