Monday, April 27, 2009

We have arrived in Ontario.

We are in Ontario!  Kenora is beautiful, with a lot of lakes.  I'd like to go swimming but, sigh, you guessed it, Ann won't let me.  Ann and I disagree about things sometimes.  For example, it snowed overnight and Ann is in a funk because she says snow at the end of April is ridiculous. Now me--I love snow.  I roll in it, run in it and play in it.  Give me snow over hot weather any day. Why else would I have such a thick coat all year round.  But Ann said I had a bath before I went on this trip and I have to stay clean.  Yes, believe it or not, she actually put me in the tub before we went on this tour, and used doggy shampoo and everything.   Talk about disagreeing!  
I wanted to get out with Ann when she took this really close-up picture of a deer but, of course, she made me watch from behind the window of the van.  When we were out in Moose Jaw earlier this week I was allowed to get out and chase the moose.  Hardy-har-har, it was a fake. Very funny--NOT!  
We're having a lot of fun though.  This afternoon we are going to a school in Kenora.  I love going to schools.  The kids like me a lot.  Especially when they have already read the books about me.  They say, "There's the author."  Then they see me and they say, loudly, "THERE'S SHIRA!"  They run over and make a fuss over me. 
More later.  Ann wants me to take her on a walk along the Lake of the Woods.  Fine with me. Any time.
Over and out, Shira.