Wednesday, October 9, 2013

  What to do when you have too many vegetables in the fall?  How to store them without a cold storage?  

  I dig a hole, about 60 cm. (2 feet) x 60 cm. x 45 cm. deep.  I dump a layer of potatoes, a layer of beets, a layer of carrots and a layer of parsnips into the hole.  I cover the hole with the soil I dug out, put a board on top and heap up straw left from mulching.  Now the vegetables are stored for winter.  
  Where I live it's too difficult to dig up a few carrots during the winter because we have lots of snow.  So I put a tall stake by the hole so I can find it during the winter.    

Here you see the hole when I am still filling it.

The smaller beet tops are great for eating in your favorite vegetable dish.