Monday, June 24, 2013


In Beasley, B.C., above my house, is an old silver mine.  This cave is now home to seven species of bats in the summer.  Three kinds of bats hibernate there in the winter.  Recently a gate was installed in front of the cave so people can't go in any longer without special permission.  This is because a fungus that kills bats, called White Nose Syndrome, is spreading west from eastern Canada.

One of the two new gates to the Beasley Bats cave.
The idea that bats are bad is not true.  Bats eat mosquitoes--GO BATS GO!-- and they also eat moths that cause destruction to certain trees.  So bats are really needed.
Bats are part of our natural world and without them we would be in trouble.

   This sign shows the three kinds of bats that overwinter in the Beasley silver mine.

For more information about bats and Cori Lausen, the person who is researching these bats go to

A Townsend's Big-eared bat.  Cori Lausen photo.