Friday, August 17, 2012

Hi All,
    Happy hot days of summer.  Here in bear country the bruins have arrived.  The early apple tree was loaded with big beautiful apples and that brought the bears to our area.  I picked all the apples, but still the bear came around.  Today one of them tried to get into the house.  Here are some pictures.

This is a bear print in the mud behind the house.

                                                                              The bear put his paws on the window and looked in.
Bear paws on the living room window.  I'm glad I wasn't home.  Scary!!!                                                 

    When you're a gardener like me it's not easy to keep the bears away.  Many smells attract them.  I have stopped putting smelly scraps on the compost pile.  I am saving them in the freezer until late fall when the bears have gone into hibernation.  I can  not put garbage or pet food outside.  

Talking of pets, Shira is fifteen and a half years old this coming Tuesday.  She is always tired and sleeps most of the time.  But she is still good company.

My next book, GARDENING: Kids Who Grow Their Own Food will be out soon.  The final editing and matching pictures to the text is underway.  I'll keep you posted as to when it is available.

Back to the garden.  The beans need to be picked before the bear gets back.