Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More great photos from teachers.

We have crossed three time zones since we left BC. And spring is finally here.  Ann is now turning the cool air on in the van instead of the hot air.  It's been sunny.  We are at a beautiful campsite on Manitoulin Island.  We both love it here.  I can go swimming any time I want.  
We went to the Mindemoya Public school today to talk to the grades five to eight students.   
Some teachers and librarians sent us more photos.  They all like Ann's dancing in her wooden shoes, (as I showed you earlier,) and the old-fashioned Dutch skates.
A lot of students have written with comments and questions via the website.  Here are some answers.  
So far we have loved all the schools we have visited.  The students and staff are all great.  
The schools in the different provinces are not that different.  We like the busy libraries in Ontario though.  Lots of kids come in to get books.
Ann met Mies Braal when we used to go up for tea to visit her.  That's how the book BRAVE DEEDS first got started.  I was there too.  I used to wait outside the door while Ann and Mies talked.  
Mies died two years ago at the age of 90.  Frans died at age 88. 
That's it for now.  Love from your favorite dog, Shira.