Friday, May 1, 2009

Ever east we go.

We've been to some great little towns up north.  There were lots of moose crossing signs along the road but even with my sharp border collie eyes I never saw one.  What I did find were lots of interesting messages left by other dogs at fire hydrants and telephone poles.  Lots of sniffing to do for sure!  My nose is worn out.
We've been to Vermillion Bay, Ear Falls, Red Lake and Balmertown.  The people there spoiled Ann and kept calling her the famous author.  Teeheehee :)  They didn't forget me either, although when they took Ann out for meals guess who had to stay in the van.  You guessed it!
We had a good time at Nancy and Russel's house though.  
Above are some pictures of what the students made to welcome us at the different places, and some pictures of Ann showing "her stuff."
Have a good weekend.  I sure intend to.  We're camping and going east again, through Thunder Bay and on along Lake Superior.
Shira, the famous dog.