Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our tour across Canada.

The big tour across the country has started.  Here is a look at the trip so far through the eyes of Shira, the border collie. 
Ann, my human, drove and drove and drove from BC through the Rocky mountains and into the prairies.  Is the land here ever flat and big.  
Animals we've seen so far and that I would like to, but am not allowed to herd are antelope, deer, prairy dogs and  bison.  Maybe I wouldn't like to herd bison, they are BIG!!!  We also saw mountain sheep in the Rockies (now there's something to herd), and lots of birds like Canada geese, a bald eagle, mallard ducks and lots of crows in the Crow's Nest Pass.
Ann and I did school visits at schools and the public library in Lethbridge.  The students were great and of course I was the star of the show, as always.  
We're going across the prairies to Saskatchewan, to a little town called Pense.  
Winter is still here and the wind blows my long fur every which direction.  It's fun to run in the wind though.