Wednesday, January 28, 2009

upcoming trips

Hi All,
While I am trying to find time to write, I am also getting excited as I plan this spring's author tours.  I will be in the Okanagan during the first week of March.  Then I'll go to the East Kootenays for two days at the end of March.  
In April I will pack my camper van, better known as my "book mobile," and head east to Toronto and other cities in Ontario to celebrate the Silver Birch Awards nominations.  I know it'll be heaps of fun because I have done this before.  Two of my other books, "Summer of Changes" and "Skateway to Freedom" were also nominated.  "Summer of Changes" was a regional winner.  The trip for that celebration was fantastic and the weather was great.  The picture above shows that everything was in bloom during the journey.
The trip across a large part of Canada will be 3500 km. one way, plus side trips, and Shira and I will see lots of Canadian things, meet lots of people and do lots of readings in places between Nelson B.C. and Toronto.   
I usually don't write much while I am on the road, but once I get home the ideas will be flowing again.  Writing is like grocery shopping: you load up your basket at the store and when you get home you make a soup with all the ingredients you bought.