Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hi All,
I had a wonderful time in Victoria, B.C. with other writers and came home to snow.  Shira was lost for an overnight but she was found and is snoring in front of the stove.  It's back to writing for me. My current project is a book of nonfiction for young people about an AIDS orphan I visited in Zambia, Africa last year.  
To the students who wrote me, thank you.  Yes, I love writing.  And I also love travelling, especially when it means I get to visit with kids at schools or libraries.  Also, yes, I am ecstatic that BRAVE DEEDS was nominated for the Silver Birch Award. 
Now I have to feed the birds in the yard and get back to work.  (The birds working hard to get food while there is snow makes me work hard on my writing.)  
Happy winter holiday season.